Traditional Fishing

Artisan fishing is an ancestral job passed on through generations, harder than most, and becoming more difficult to sustain due to overfishing, marine pollution, and global warming.

Fishermen often go out to sea at 3 a.m., their boats are barely 10 meters long (12 feet), facing hard and dangerous work conditions.

Experience and instinct are his talents. Once the nets are in the sea the die is cast. If there is no catch, you thought it out while facing all the expenses. Tomorrow will be another day. Or not.

Fisherman collecting the net
Fisherman's manual work
bad fishing day
returning to port, good sea and bad fishing
ship unloading at Lonja
classification and sealing of fish in conil cadiz fish market spain
urta de conil de la frontera cadiz espana
fish auction lonja de conil cadiz espana
fisherman at the fish market during the auction
Fisherman after the auction is over
preparing fishing tackle for the next day
conil cadiz fishing fleet spain