Compulsory Military Service 3/1995

Military Service was mandatory for all Spanish men from the 18th century until 2001, including the period of the Civil War, and they could be called to the front of any side.

This work shows one of the first instruction days of the third replacement in 1995 at the CIM (Centro de Instrucción de Marinería) in Cartagena, Murcia, where recruits had to swear the oath of allegiance in military formation and ceremony. 

After this act, the almost 1000 sailors of that shift were sent to their destinations, in a supposed draw, to finish their military training. However, besides the instruction received for the pledge of allegiance ceremony, most would not receive any other training or education during that entire period.

Gymnastics exercises in the military courtyard
Compulsory military training
Brigadier instructing new sailors
Sailors forced to march
Sailor instructing the troops
Zero haircut compulsory
Servicio Militar Obligatorio España 1995. Vacunación multiple simultánea
Sailor with difficulties to march
Brigadier and sailors
Military training class and thoughtful sailor